The season for giving...

Posted : December 16 2016

Happy Holidays! We are so excited to finally launch our site. This is where we are going to journal everything from our designs and production, new ideas, health and wellness topics and basically anything that we find interesting or inspiring.  Of course with the holiday season, it is the season for GIVING.  We can't help but think of the families that have much less than the rest of us.  Besides donating to the local food bank, we have found a a couple of non profits we wanted to give a shout out to. First is Moms to Moms, located in Vancouver. They work with underprivileged -mostly-single moms and provide mentoring, food, furniture and whatever else is needed. They are always seeking donations, and you can even purchase a gift card from your grocery store to donate. A great idea and fully tax deductible. Don't be afraid to make a phone call or send an email for more information.   Visit them here:

The other non profit is Baby Go Round located in Vancouver. They basically do the same, working with families to provide assistance. You can find a list of items they take for donations on their site here :

Of course, one of our favorites is the BCSPC or your local shelter. I'm sure our furry friends need food, blankets and toys ( if allowed! )

Happy Holidays!


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