Sustainability, Transparency and Community

Lav & Kush is consciously designed with a huge consideration for the environment.  What that means is that we place priority in our fabric selection to ensure it is less taxing on the environment and our health.  

Conscious design means we believe in slow fashion and less waste. During the design process, we are thinking about longevity of wear and quality workmanship. Striving to create timeless pieces for the consumer to have for years to come.

We aim to create genuine & meaningful change within our community, the fashion industry, & the world!

Each purchase helps to support Tree Canada, the only Canadian non profit dedicated to planting trees in rural and urban environments.  Read about this wonderful non profit here. 

Additionally, a percentage of all online sales is also donated towards One Tribe & their global tree protection initiative. They’ve protected over 70,000,000 trees! So far you’ve helped us save 580 trees which is more than 2 acres. Thank you for your continued support! It means we get to keep making an impact within our community & the world! Click HERE to see our progress.

Sustainable Fabrics

We strive to use sustainable fabrics as much as possible. Our fabrics of choice are rayon from bamboo, organic cotton, linen and linen blends as well as Tencel to create our amazingly comfortable and quality garments that are less harmful on the environment. Nothing is perfect, but a little bit of positive action can help make a big difference! We aim to utilize fabrics which use low impact fiber reactive dyes that are safer for the environment.  We trust our Canadian textile distributors, who work very closely with fiber mills around the world to ensure fibers are sourced sustainably and  have an Oeko Tex certification.  Read more about Oeko Tex  here.  Transparency is key to sustainability!

Local Production

Working with small contractors in Vancouver allows us to support the local economy and being able to keep a close eye on every step of production. This includes less transport ( and CO2 emissions),  ensuring waste is being recycled or reused,  and being able to assist our zero waste model. We can improve the quality of our garments by performing regular "check ins" and  ensuring  specifications of each garment is being met. Best part?  Being able to create a happy and harmonious relationship with our contractors throughout the years.


Diverting Textile Waste

Textile waste is a big problem in fashion. That's why we have created several initiatives to ensure that we are diverging textile waste through various recycling & repurposing efforts. So far we have recycled & repurposed more than 300m of fabric waste. 

We aim to have a zero waste model, meaning that any left over fabric that cannot be sewn into garments, will be used for accessories such as scrunchies, masks, scarves or other smaller items.  We also donate periodically to fabric recycling non profits such as Fabcycle. Please read more about Fabcycle here.

We donate regularly to various non profits to help improve the lives of others.

Mamas for Mamas is one of our favourite non profits we donate to regularly. Read about them here. Mamas for Mamas exist to improve the lives of women in need everywhere. They have helped to improve many mamas lives with generous groceries, baby goods, healthcare products and overall health and wellness services.  True angels!

Backpack Buddies is another wonderful non profit who exist to end food scarcity to school aged children living in vulnerable situations.  Over 150,000 children in British Columbia live in poverty and do not know where or when their next meal will be once the school week ends.  Every Friday, Backpack Buddies allows children in need to go home with a backpack filled with nutritious snacks to last the weekend.  No one should ever go hungry!  Read more about them here.

We have also worked in the past with the BC Women's Hospital Foundation, BCSPCA, and other small local organizations.  We must always take action to help others, even if it is just to spread awareness. 

"Never doubt that a small  group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world, in fact, it is the only thing that ever has." 

Margaret Meade