About Us

About Lav and Kush…

Lav and Kush  is a women's and children's brand of “work leisure” and loungewear manufactured in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Designed by Angela Saxena, a super busy mom of two, she understands what it means to be a “mompreneur” and having to wear a million different hats each day while fulfilling her childhood dream of designing what she calls “happy clothes”.

Every piece is mindfully designed to empower women to look and feel their best each and every day. Striving to slow down the fashion cycle, we design consciously, creating timeless and versatile styles our customers can wear throughout all areas of life while feeling like she’s in her softest pj’s! With this philosophy in mind, it was the natural choice to offer a kids line to match mom.  We use the softest, high quality sustainable fabrics to make you never want to take the garment off, happiness guaranteed!

Almost ALL our clothing is made in Vancouver, B.C. ethically produced by small contractors in Vancouver.  The fabrics we choose to use are mostly bamboo blends, Tencel, organic cottons and other natural fibres when ever possible. Sourcing sustainable fabrics are of high importance to our brand. With the addition to Men's clothing into our mix, we strive to offer families premium loungewear with matching comfy things for both parents and kids!  

Meet the Founder…

Angela Saxena is the designer behind the brand. From a young age, she dreamed of being a fashion designer. Born in England to Indian parents, The family moved to Canada where Angela’s father could start his medical practice. The family settled in the rural Saskatchewan.  Angela’s desire for designing would end up manifesting in her father’s medical books, where she would love sketching various outfits for nurses working in the local hospital. Her parents then realized she wouldn’t be following in her fathers footsteps!  Fast forward to moving to Vancouver to complete fashion design school and obtain a variety of industry experience including manufacturing and extensive sales experience. It’s is the sales experience that has helped mold the brand’s exceptional customer service reputation. 

What’s in a name?

The name Lav and Kush is derived from Hindu mythology, and the tale of the Ramayan which is also the beginning of Diwali. The story revolves around Lord Rama, his wife Sita and their sons Lava and Kush who were exiled into the forest for many years. These little brothers became protector of the woods and had many adventures. A huge celebration occurred upon their return to society which later become known as Diwali, India’s largest celebration signifying the New Year as well as triumph over evil, bringing light into darkness. Having been told this beloved tale at a young age, earth lover Angela was determined to name her future fashion brand Lav and Kush. Sustainability and giving back being at the root of the brand’s values.

Being a mother of two little ones, the designer felt a huge need for stylish, versatile yet comfortable clothing.  She quickly realized many other women felt the same.   Inspired by her business life and life with kids, Lav and Kush was born. She has a commitment to providing women and families with "stressless" mornings, fashionable clothing that can be worn everyday, all day. 
What does the future hold?  Let's say a dream of owning factories in developing countries with full transparency to consumers, helping to lift and empower others and continue building the Lav and Kush brand by designing more cute and comfy pieces.  Thanks for visiting!