Tips on Shopping For New Fashion More Sustainably

Spring is finally here, and there’s nothing more exhilarating than finally stepping out into the bright sunny days without worrying about the temperature. With the upcoming warmer weather, bright sun, and sprouting greenery, it’s time to start thinking about putting away those sweaters and updating your wardrobe with the latest spring fashion.

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When it’s time to update your wardrobe, you have to consider the clothes you no longer want to keep in rotation. When it comes to fashion, you want to try and keep sustainability in mind. We are adopting a zero-waste production model and always strive to encourage less waste! Refreshing your wardrobe isn’t about just throwing those things out. We’re here to help you update your wardrobe with the cutest styles in a sustainable way that also keeps the environment in mind.


Go Through Your Wardrobe and Pick Out Essentials

We all have those pieces that never seem to go out of style and can be mixed and matched with just about any outfit. Scan your wardrobe before any updates, and make sure you pick out the pieces you cannot live without. Our personal favorite is The Heartfelt Romper and The My Everything Romper, two of our best-selling favorites that are timeless classics for any season.

 The Heartfelt Romper

Be honest about the pieces you are actually going to wear. There will always be something that brings up the old “what if I need it later” question. Try to use the Marie Kondo method, where you keep the things that spark joy. Don’t fret if you find there’s a lot that brings you joy. You always have the option to put them in storage!


Donate or Sell Your Unwanted Clothes

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is about minimizing waste and reusing and recycling. When it’s time to update your wardrobe with sustainable spring fashion pieces like The Beachy Shorty, you want to do your best to avoid negative impacts on the environment. Any fashion item that may not work for your style may be a gem to someone else. There are so many platforms out there where you can sell the clothes you no longer want and get them in the hands of someone who will love the piece. You could also consider donating to your local charity to help families in need.


Only Buy New From Sustainable Brands

Much of the world is focusing on the efforts needed to reduce the impacts of climate change. Supporting a sustainable brand with your next purchase will help in disrupting traditional systems. Lav + Kush focuses on using sustainable fabrics like bamboo blends and Tencel to bring you versatile, stylish pieces that are sure to brighten up any wardrobe. 

 Palazzo Romper

Our new spring collection features sure-to-be-favorites like The Garden Party romper or The Palazzo romper! These are just the cute, comfortable piece you can wear to any party or brunch and are a must-have this spring. Our mission as a slow fashion brand is to create a mindset of buy less, buy better. As a brand, we will design fewer pieces while design mindfully for longevity and wearability. We are offering well-made, versatile designs that are timeless and classic.


Choose Quality over Quantity 

When you update your wardrobe, the idea that more is better isn’t always the best way to approach it. If you choose to buy quality clothing over quantity, your clothes will last longer, and you won’t have to buy more in the future. You can hold onto fashionable pieces like The Backyard Overall that are perfect for a casual wear at any event.  

 The Backyard Overall

Updating your wardrobe for spring and bringing in brighter pieces while focusing on sustainability is easy if you have the know-how. Follow these simple tips, and you will update your wardrobe with the hottest styles and stay ahead of the fashion curve.


Shop the latest spring trends online at Lav + Kush and feel good about wearing comfortable, stylish, and sustainable fashion!

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