Taking your Loungewear from Cuddles at Home to Running Essential Errands

During this crucial time we are urged to stay home as much as possible, we have found ourselves resorting to loungewear. Well not to worry, we got you covered with amazing comfortable styles. Each style is completely versatile from morning snuggles, running errands, and date night, The Chill Romper has your back for all occasions! And remember, Lav and Kush is all made in Canada!


 Outfit #1 Chilling at home

When relaxing at home, the Chill Romper is the perfect option to stay cozy. We love to pair it with a comfy cardigan or fuzzy housecoat and slippers. You will feel like snuggling all day long.


Outfit #2 Running Essential Errands

Transitioning from cuddles to running errands couldn't be more easy with this romper. Add a sweater wrong your shoulders or wrap it around your waist, chuck on your favourite sneakers and you are ready to go. Make sure to stay safe with our Safety pack which includes our best selling bamboo star mask and the Pocean Hand Sanity sanitizer.

 Outfit #3 Date Night

With restaurants slowly opening we are able to indulge in a date night. Why sacrifice comfort when you have the Chill Romper. Cinch your waist with a statement belt, add a cute pair of booties, and throw on your best blazer/leather jacket to create a chic look. 


We hope you have fun styling our versatile rompers. Come say Hi on socials to show us the looks you create and tag #comfyqueens for a chance to be featured on our page! @lavandkush and  www.lavandkush.ca


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