New Year, new focus! Fashion lounge lives!

New Loungwear to Live in..

Well, its been a while since we posted on here so we are taking a minute to highlight what we've been working on! First of all- a very HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!   Wishing all the very best for 2018 and a life filled with gratitude and health.

Building the the fashion brand ( inception 2007) has been dream fulfilling, challenging, trying ( and tiring) and rewarding to say the very least!  I'm sure most all businesses have this same sentiment. It ain't easy.  But after taking a 3 year hiatus to nourish family, its extremely exciting to start building the brand again, with a clearer more concise focus- fashion loungewear with a versatile multipurpose. In today's hectic, sometimes scary, volatile, exciting world, people are craving comfort more than ever.  Creation many times is birthed from necessity, and we have found in our own business that  balancing family, work and pleasure is VERY challenging!  This is bringing us to the desire to offer women beautifully designed loungewear that is flattering, comfortable, versatile, functional and quite frankly, addictive.  With the launch of our partner brand Angelwings Sleep, we have added a wonderful - soon to be matching- rompers for toddlers. Mommies stay tuned!!  Its an adorable concept we just can't keep to ourselves!  Still utilizing the most gorgeous sustainable fabrics but adding color and prints, these items will quickly be a staple in most women's wardrobe.  We plan on taking you on our behind the scenes design process, posting videos of the sampling stage right through production and ultimately getting them into your closets!

So ultimately, change is a good thing, new year new focus. Fashion loungewear lives, and its made here in Canada.  Thanks to all the have supported the brand since the beginning and continue to support us to this day. It means the world.

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