New Season, New Habbits - DIY Halloween Home Décor

October is rich with colorful leaves, pumpkin patches, and festive spirits in the crisp fresh air. Bring the beauty of fall inside your home! Every year we buy cheap, plastic decorations, which is impacting our planet (and our wallets). This year try creating your very own DIY natural décor!

-Go out and collect as many pinecones as you can find, Get all the helping hands you need and paint them, tie them onto string and then hang your ornament across the wall.
-Transform your paper towel rolls into spooky floating candle sticks. Paint them white (if not already), glue battery powered candles into the tops, and add hot glue drips along the top edges to resemble wax.
-Recycle your brown paper bags into ghost lanterns. Draw a ghost face onto your upside-down bag. Place a light underneath and let the gloomy glow brighten your home.   
-Create your own witches broom from branches and hey. Hey, it's really that simple! 
Get creative! The environment will thank you and your guests will be inspired!

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