New additions to our shop - The Lounge Lover

April 11th, 2017

As you may of noticed, we've done some spring cleaning and made some changes to our store.  As we have always been passionate about comfort and versatility in our garments, we are "honing" in on the LOUNGE LOVER in all of us!

  You will see a variety of styles to honor our desire for super soft, comfy yet stylish clothing, which we feel, in the world's turmoil around us, has incredible value. We are still dedicated to showcasing Lav and Kush, we have decided to add some beautiful new collections for spring in soft buttery pastels, light weight summer sweaters and more!   Items that will quickly become your "go to" this season.

We recognize the diverse needs of our consumer and strive to make the store as versatile and interesting as possible. We have partnered with some wonderful vendors in order  to bring you fresh new styles and soon to come accessories. Stay tuned for new arrivals and a new look to the shop, as well as special coupons specially designed for YOU!  Happy Spring!

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