Kid-Friendly Fruit Pizzas!

August is in full swing, which means summer is going to be winding down soon and school will be starting up. With that comes the inevitable task of packing lunches. Which is where our Kid-Friendly Fruit Pizzas come in!

Super simple and super yummy, these fruit pizzas are a wonderful alternative to pre-packaged options and make a great school (or work!) lunch. They include whole grains, fruit and are no-bake. Check, check and check!

The great part is that they're easy enough the kids can help out and make their own! Plus that means you'll know they'll actually eat it ;)

Fruit Pizzas


- Whole wheat bagels/tortillas/flat bread


- Nut butters (we love Fatso!)

- Jam

- Cream cheese

- Greek yogurt


- Fresh fruit: apples, berries, banana, kiwi, grapes, mango

- Sliced nuts

- Granola

- Coconut

- Chocolate chips

- Honey


1. Spread one of the crusts with one or more sauces, and add toppings.

2. Fold the pizza in half or cut into equal slices. 

Aside from packed lunches, these fruit pizzas make great after-school snacks too, and are a wonderful way to infuse some extra fun into play dates!

Happy pizza making!

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