From a Father's Perspective

Thoughts on Parenting and Balance

We hear about it all the time. Juggling it all and how to find balance! In every day media, on top Netflix series, and in our favourite Indigo reads, we hear about balance from a woman's perspective. 

As Father's Day is just around the corner, we decided to ask Mr. Lav and Kush himself, Andrew on his perspective. Andrew says, "It is just as important for men as it is for women to find balance in their life. In some ways, it is normalized for men to be workaholics, while also being a major bread winner for their families. Men face a whole lot of societal pressures, just like our counterparts.

Tell us your history in a nutshell, Mr. Lav and Kush! 

I moved from Australia to Canada in 2022 to explore Canada. I met Angela through a mutual friend... the rest is history! I grew up in a blended family and with many friends, so I think I was looking to find some solitude escaping to Canada. 

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How do you feel about your wife's brand and her trying to balance it all?

We support each other through all of our passions and endeavours for sure. That being said, it is tough! She has supported me through my crazy ideas and I for hers. I see her commitment and dedication while managing the household. It is incredibly rewarding to see the growth in Lav and Kush. Angela has a lot of fans at my workplace! 

So you work at a pretty demanding corporate job. How do you balance life with kids? What are your priorities?

Ha, always striving! I am not a very balanced person to be honest. I am all in or nothing. I am very disciplined with my routine. Currently, I am up at 5am meditating, then listening to various audio books, then I usually do a pretty intense workout before work. Often Angie will need help to get the kids to an activity or to school, and my dinner usually means White Spot or Cactus Club - Daddy's special! But routine is very important, for the kids also. Regular bedtime and early rise, health food. What we put in our minds is just as important as what we put in our bodies. We aim to empower our kids with positive self talk and healthy habits. It is so important to stay positive and take time for yourself doing what you love. Angie and I support each other's interests, even if they are very different. 

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What do you do for fun?

Our family day is Sunday! We go biking, take little hikes, and spend time in nature. We love Pacific Spirit Park. Sometimes we go swimming, have a family game night, or relax in the evening with a movement and some well deserved treats. 

What are you hoping for this Father's Day?

We will have a great day with the kids, and we'll probably get outside. Hopefully there will be no meltdowns and a huge feast later (and no cleaning up!) 


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About Lav and Kush 

Lav and Kush is a women's and children's brand of “work leisure” and loungewear manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Designed by Angela Saxena, a super busy mom of two, she understands what it means to be a “mompreneur” and having to wear a million different hats each day while fulfilling her childhood dream of designing what she calls “happy clothes”.

Every piece is mindfully designed to empower women to look and feel their best each and every day. Striving to slow down the fashion cycle, we design consciously, creating timeless and versatile styles our customers can wear throughout all areas of life while feeling like she’s in her softest pj’s! With this philosophy in mind, it was the natural choice to offer a kids line to match mom.  We use the softest, high quality sustainable fabrics to make you never want to take the garment off, happiness guaranteed!




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