Camping Season is Now!

Camping season is OFFICIALLY happening! Now that things are finally opening up, it is the perfect time to take your friends or family out for a weekend of fun. We took some of our personal favourite spots in or near the Vancouver area and put it all into one blog! We are going to be talking about outfit ideas, spots, and necessities for you to have the PERFECT camping adventure!

Having the perfect spot to camp is critical! Here are just a few of our TOP PICKS:

This campground is just 100km from Vancouver, located on the beautiful Cultus Lake. Beautiful beaches, mountain views, and a clean fresh water lake, this campground has everything you could ever desire. This campground also offers showers, laundromat, convenience store, a playground, basketball and volleyball courts, and so much more! Definitely a must see this summer! 

This park offers some amazing views and activities as well! This park surrounds Hicks and Deer lake which is perfect for canoeing and boating and Trout lake which is ideal for fishing. There are lots of hiking trails available as well. This campground is perfect for the adventure family/friend group!

One of the largest parks in the province, Golden Ears Provincial Park is the perfect spot to come check out this summer. The hiking trails within the park provide an excellent opportunity for hiking and horseback riding. The Alouette Lake is a popular spot for swimming, windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing, boating and fishing. The Alouette campground offers 206 sites and is not open during the winter season.

Alice Lake is surrounded by towering mountains, dense forests and grassy areas. There are four different lakes surrounding this beautiful park which makes any water activity very easy to accomplish! There are also picnic areas, a playground and more so you will have lots of fun things to do throughout your stay.

This campground is a little bit different. This is a family oriented, music and wifi free space. It is relaxing, secluded, and quiet. We wanted to include different options within this blog for many different people so if you are someone who prefers to relax and lay low during camping season this is the spot for you! 

Now that you have a perfect camp spot, it’s time to pick out some cozy and cute outfits. Camping is being one with nature and having comfy but still cute pieces to wear from day to night is essential. We have picked out some perfectly  simple pieces for you to choose from! 


The Sweater Coat 

When it begins to cool off for the day and everyone is sitting around the fire relaxing this is the PERFECT piece to throw on. It is comfy, cute, and super warm! The Sweater Coat is easy to wear with anything and everything and is definitely a staple wardrobe piece for camping. 

T-Shorty Romper

This piece is perfect to throw on over your bathing suit for a beach day! The T-Shorty Romper also is amazing because it is light and airy which is perfect when being active while camping. It is great to style with The Sweater Coat for the cooler evenings or on its own with a hat and a tote bag for the perfect camping style. 

Shorty Ruffle Romper

Feeling like not wearing clothes, this is the piece for you! It is soft, light, and fashionable, what more could you want? The Shorty Ruffle Romper is perfect for the hot camping days where you can’t seem to cool off. We promise when you try this piece it will be your new staple item. 

Fun “Campfire Friendly” Recipe!

We wanted to add a fun Campfire Recipe for you and your family to enjoy! You can find the exact recipe here. This recipe is called.. The Campfire Banana Boat! It is super simple to make and is a mix between a S’more and a banana split. All you need to do is, take a banana with its peel still on and cut it down the middle. Not all the way through, but until the tip of your knife just grazes the peel on the other side. For these boats you want to have “Something melty, Something sweet, and something crunchy” to ensure the perfect campfire dessert experience. You wrap the banana in tin foil and let cool until the peel is completely brown. Then once completely cooked you can add any topping you wish and dig in! (Our personal fav is melted chocolate and almond slivers!)

Camping Season is to spend time with loved ones outdoors in the beautiful nature surrounding us. Whether your camping style is an RV or a small tent, either way you should try to get outside for a night or two and we promise you will adore it. These were just a couple of our favourite spots and outfits for you to wear whenever you decide to go for an adventure. Make sure to tag us if you post in any of our pieces to be featured! There are many more incredible clothing pieces on its way so be sure to keep up to date so you never miss out on a launch or sale!

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