Back To School Chaos? Doesn't have to be!

BTS!  4 Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips for Parents

It's September and fall is here!  Days are getting shorter, and school is in session. Whether your kids are heading off to their first day of kindergarten or their last year of high school, school clothes shopping can be overwhelming and even a little stressful.

 Your kids most likely have grown since their last visit to the school, and fashion has most likely changed. It's time to refresh your kid's wardrobe and send them off to school in comfortable and stylish outfits that will make them beam with confidence. Here are some tips to help you on your school clothes shopping journey and make it less stressful for everyone.

 Take Stock of The Clothes Your Kids Have – The first thing you want to do before preparing for back-to-school shopping is to check out your kid's closet first. What clothing do they have that still fits and is still in style? Many parents are opting to help their kids create capsule wardrobes that allow them to shop for staples that can be mixed and matched with everything and is almost always in style. The Mini Ultimate Sweater For Kids is a soft, cozy, and neutral option your kids can wear all year. You can size up if they happen to grow out of their sweaters!

 Create a Plan and Set a Budget – If you're anything like most parents, it's easy for school clothes shopping to get out of hand. After you get an idea of what your kids need in terms of outfits, set a budget. Do your best to stay in line while also ensuring your kids get to choose their favourite items. It's important to allow them the autonomy to choose their own styles.

 Shop Sustainable Brands You Trust First  – Going to the mall isn't always ideal for back-to-school shopping for many parents. Thankfully there are many unique boutiques with online shops like Lav + Kush to help you find quality and stylish clothing that your kids will love to wear. You not only get to choose adorable clothing for you and your children but also the peace of mind of knowing you're shopping for a sustainable brand.

Get Something Cozy for Yourself – Early morning back-to-school chaos calls for running errands in cozy yet cute attire. You're working hard to get your kids up and ready for school by packing lunches, choosing outfits, and pushing through morning struggles. Treat yourself to a few versatile outfits perfect for the on-the-go mom, such as The Backyard Overall. The perfect outfit that's on trend all year to help you get through those mornings in comfort while still looking well put together.  How can we forget to mention our tried and true best seller, The My Everything romper!

Back-to-school clothing shopping doesn't always have to be overwhelming. If you come prepared with a plan and shop your favourite brands online, you can easily knock this year's back-to-school shopping off your list and get the chance to enjoy and cherish sending them off to another year of growth and learning.


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