Activities To Do With Your Kids During Covid-19

Keeping your little ones entertained during COVID-19 has been one of the biggest challenges us parents have had to navigate. Are you running out of things to do with your kiddos? Well fear not, we have put together loads of activities to keep your littles entertained.


Kiro is wearing the Kids Unisex Printed Bamboo Romper and Kimberly is wearing the women's Love Me More Romper Bamboo French Terry

Online learning


Cook with your kids

Shonda Brown, CHOC clinical dietitian, says. “Children are more open to trying new foods if they have opportunities to explore and learn about the food before they eat it.”

  • CHOC nutrition experts have curated some of their favorite recipes and offer tips for how to get kids involved in the kitchen. 
  • Zucchini fries - because snacks are that much better when they're crispy.


Sometimes you just have to let them burn off some energy. What better way then out in the fresh air while also doing the proper social distancing. Vancouver has so much to offer and kid-friendly hiking locations is one of its many perks.

Carly is wearing our My Ruffle Romper 

1. Gold Creek Falls (Maple Ridge)

2. Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver)

3. Mystery Lake (North Vancouver)

4. Teapot Hill (Cultus Lake)


  • Movie Night - cant go to the movies? bring the movies to you! Stay in and have a cozy movie night with the littles.

Kiro is wearing the Kids Unisex Printed Bamboo Romper and Angela is wearing the Star Romper

2. Host a Pajama Day - Make wearing your cozy pyjamas fun! Everyone in the house can match with our matching rompers!

Candice is wearing the Love Me More Romper and her son is wearing the Kids Solid Unisex Romper


We hope these fun activities will keep your kids entertained. Snap some pictures and tag us on instagram, we would love to see and share these precious moments.

#Staystafe #ComfyQueens

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