7 Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday (May 12th) and because we love to show our appreciation for all the special women in our lives, we have rounded up some ideas so you can do the same! 

1. Take it outdoors

It is spring after all! Take mom on a hike or for a walk through your favourite park. You could even pack a picnic lunch and a blanket for some al fresco dining. Being in nature and getting some exercise is the perfect way to get in-touch with mom, and yourself too!

2. Picture collage

Put together a collage or album of pictures of the two of you over the years. She'll love that it's homemade and from the heart, plus you'll have lots of laughs looking back at all the good memories.

3. Treat her to a stay-cation

Sure, you may not be able to afford an all-out vacation for your mom, but you can give her a taste of it from home. Has she always wanted to go to Paris? Get her some fresh cut flowers and take her to the best local French restaurant. Beach vacay more her style? Spend the day under the sun, followed by some fun and fruity tropical drinks. 

5. Give back

If your mom is one of the "hard to shop for" kind, make a donation to her favourite charity in her name. Or, purchase a gift from a company that donates part of it's proceeds to local charities (like us!). Matching mom and daughter rompers anyone?

6. Schedule some quality one-on-one time

There's nothing a mom loves more than just getting to spend time with her kids, no matter the activity. Whether it's just talking over a cup of coffee, watching a movie, or playing a board game, your mom will appreciate the chance to re-connect with you.

7. Let her choose!

It's her special day after all, she should get a say in how she spends it. Ask her what activity she would prefer to do, and then put your own special spin on it. Does she want to try out a new restaurant? Call ahead and see if you can arrange a special dessert for her. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing and strong women out there! 

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