5 Date Ideas For Parents

We know, it’s rare.

That one day a week, month or maybe even year that you and you’re significant other get a night away from the kids feels like a gift from the gods. Even though you probably just want to nap the whole time (we feel ya), it’s important to take advantage of the little amount of alone time you two have together. 

So, we’ve rounded up five simple and low-key date ideas that will check all the romantic, lovey-dovey boxes. They’re perfect for Valentines Day, and every other day of the year too.

1. Stay home and send the kids out

Send the babysitter to a movie with your kids while you and your partner stay home to do whatever you want! Don’t get trapped in to doing chores though. Make dinner together, watch a movie and cuddle on the couch.

2. Have a day date

If you can’t spare anytime in the evenings together, make time during the day while your kids are at school. Schedule your breaks from work at the same time, and meet up for lunch or go shopping together. It’ll be quick, but it might be your best shot at the two of you getting some quality time together.

3. “Blast form the past” activity

Do something that you used to do together when you first met and before you had kids. Maybe it's going to concerts, taking long walks or going back to a favourite restaurant you haven’t been to in awhile. It'll be a great way for you to re-connect with each other and remind you why you two are together in the first place.

4. Pair up with another couple

Know another couple that has kids? Take turns babysitting so both sets of parents get a night off, and even better if you make it a regular thing. You could also do a double-date, by corralling all the kids at one of the couples homes and splitting the babysitting bill.

5. Take it on the road

Hit-up a drive-thru or get take-out from your favourite restaurant, and then drive to a place with a nice view to enjoy your food. Being inside the car together is intimate, and gives you two some uninterrupted time together. It’s probably also a nice change being in the car without the chaos of the kids in the backseat.

Being a parent is hard, which means prioritizing time away from the kids is important. We really hope you take a night off and schedule in some alone time with your significant other, we don't think you'll regret it!

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